How to buy Instagram followers before a contest

Nowadays there are a lot of things that are happening on Instagram, and one of the things that are most popular on Instagram right now is contents. There are a lot of different contests, with many different prizes which are up for grabs. Have you ever entered one of these and just got completely ignored by the contest holder because you have too few followers? Well, I know that I have personally been in that situation, and it’s very frustrating for most of us. Today I will walk you through the steps I personally took in order to win contests on Instagram by actually purchasing Instagram followers.

How does buying followers work?

Buying Instagram followers can be a complicated process for some people, just because of the fact that there are so many different providers on the web. When you have so many choices, what do you choose? Well, it all comes down to quality this time. I know acquiring followers by buying them is all about getting the quantity, but we tend to forget that we also need quality. If the contest holder looks at your profile, and sees 1000 people following you, and also all of them follow 7500 (Instagram’s limit) other people, then things can get messy. The process is very simple though, all you do is find a good provider, input your username, and watch the followers pour in.

How do I find a good provider?

Well, one of the ways you can do that is by actually going through each and every top provider and see the quality for yourself, or you can take my word for it, since I have done this process for your already. I have been in multiple contests, and I have had my fair share of eliminations because of «fake followers», and been burnt by these providers many times. If you are interested in my opinion of the different providers we have in 2016, then go on reading.

Is there any risks involved?

To answer this question very easily: yes and no. There are a few risks involved, but not from Instagram’s side. There is no way for them to find out that you actually have bought followers, heck, it could have been your friend trying to set you up! So when it comes to that, you’re very safe. But there is something you should watch out for, and that is getting very low quality followers from a bad provider, or even as far as getting totally ripped off and not receive anything. It has happened to me so many times, because I thought I was smart, and saving a few bucks by trying a cheaper provider. 9 out of 10 times, instead of saving money, I lost money. So do yourself a favor and do not try to save a few cents by using those scammy Indian providers. Try to go for a company that is based in a country that you can actually reach out to.

Enough talking, where do I buy Instagram followers?

Ok so I told you that I am going to make your life easier, and I will. There are a few different places around the web to buy Instagram followers, and here I have ranked them. This list is based on my opinion, and the quality I got:


    This one has to be the best provider I have ever used. Not only did the followers come in instantly, but it’s the first website I have ever witnessed that sends REAL followers and REAL likes. Trust me, when you get your followers or likes, you will see for yourself. They are 100% authentic and real people that somehow start following you right away. One minus is, since they were real people, some didn’t like my content and unfollowed a few days later. Head over to their buy instagram followers page to see their different pricing packages.
  2. hypez

  3. Hypez
    I think this one is the runner-up to They also provide very fast followers, with very good quality and low following count, however they are not real.
  4. idigiclogopng-300x83

  5. iDigic
    I tried this website once, too many «following» on the profiles that started following me, and actually got me eliminated in one of the contests
  6. toplined

  7. Toplined – I also tried this website once, followers came in quick, nothing else I can say.

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